Ilan Ilan
Joined January 16, 2019

Action Alert to Kerstin Neuber
PUMA Stands For Peace

PUMA is a global sportswear company that is one of the main sponsors of the Israeli Football Association. The Israeli Football Association is made of players from different backgrounds and ...

Action Alert to

We call upon President Vladimir Putin to pardon 26-year-old Naama Issachar, an American Israeli, who was given a sentence of seven-and-a-half-years in prison by a Russian court for allegedly smuggling ...

Action Alert to Joan T.A. Gabel
Follow up on the National SJP Conference

Students for "Justice" in Palestine (SJP), an anti-Israel hate group with chapters on dozens of college campuses, is holding their national conference at University of Minnesota (UMN) this year.  Last year's conference explicitly promoted the destruction of Zionism, ...

StandWithUs calls upon FIFA, the international soccer association, to ensure that the Qatari government will issue entry visas to Israeli fans wishing to attend the FIFA World Cup to be ...

Action Alert to California Department of Education (CDE)
URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW! Stop Anti-Israel Hate in California Public Schools

The State of California is currently reviewing a model Ethnic Studies curriculum, which openly promotes hateful boycotts against Israel and omits antisemitism as a form of bigotry. Disturbingly, this agenda was inserted into an ...