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Remove Iran’s Antisemitic Fars News Agency Page
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The Fars News Agency (FNA) is an Iranian media outlet with close ...

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Twitter : Take The Antisemitic David Icke Page Down!
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David Icke is a vile conspiracy theorist with an enormous following on ...

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Stand With Celine!
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Celine Dion is under pressure from anti-Israel organizations to cancel her two ...

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UC Berkeley: Condemn the glorification of terrorists
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A UC Berkeley student group has put up a campus display glorifying ...

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BBC! Apologise and censure reporter Orla Guerin for this shameful report.
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As leaders from the world over arrived in Israel to commemorate the ...

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Remove the Antisemitic Channel “Furry Potato” From YouTube!
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"Furry Potato" is a far right antisemitic YouTube channel that posts videos ...

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Stand Up to Hate in Poway!
Action Alert to Kim Phelps

According to numerous news reports, the organization CAIR will be using a ...

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Facebook/Twitter : Take The Antisemitic TruNews Pages Down!
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    TruNews is an online media network that has access to White House press ...

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Action Alert to Emilio Garcia Silvero

StandWithUs calls upon FIFA, the international soccer association, to ensure that the ...

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PUMA Stands For Peace
Action Alert to Kerstin Neuber

PUMA is a global sportswear company that is one of the main ...

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We call upon President Vladimir Putin to pardon 26-year-old Naama Issachar, an ...

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Follow up on the National SJP Conference
Action Alert to Joan T.A. Gabel

Students for "Justice" in Palestine (SJP), an anti-Israel hate group with chapters on dozens of college campuses, ...

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