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Remove the Antisemitic Channel “Furry Potato” From YouTube!
Action Alert to

"Furry Potato" is a far right antisemitic YouTube channel that posts videos ...

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Stand Up to Hate in Poway!
Action Alert to Kim Phelps

According to numerous news reports, the organization CAIR will be using a ...

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YouTube: Take The Antisemitic TruNews Channel Down!
Action Alert to

  TruNews is an online media network that has access to White House ...

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Action Alert to Emilio Garcia Silvero

StandWithUs calls upon FIFA, the international soccer association, to ensure that the ...

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PUMA Stands For Peace
Action Alert to Kerstin Neuber

PUMA is a global sportswear company that is one of the main ...

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Action Alert to

We call upon President Vladimir Putin to pardon 26-year-old Naama Issachar, an ...

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Follow up on the National SJP Conference
Action Alert to Joan T.A. Gabel

Students for "Justice" in Palestine (SJP), an anti-Israel hate group with chapters on dozens of college campuses, ...

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW! Stop Anti-Israel Hate in California Public Schools
Action Alert to California Department of Education (CDE)

The State of California is currently reviewing a model Ethnic Studies curriculum, which openly ...

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Thank RTÉ For Supporting Eurovision in Israel
Action Alert to RTÉ

Join StandWithUs and Ireland Israel Alliance in thanking Irish broadcaster RTÉ in ...

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Counter Amnesty’s Anti-Semitic Campaign Against Jewish Tourism!
Action Alert to Tripadvisor

As our colleagues at NGO Monitor have reported extensively, Amnesty International have ...

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Cloudfare: Stop supporting the Pittsburgh shooter’s racist forum
Action Alert to Cloudflare

Stop the violent racism behind the Pittsburgh massacre On October 27th, Robert Bowers ...

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Ireland: Say No to Proposed Discriminatory Anti-Peace BDS Law
Action Alert to Oireachtas Member

Last week, the Irish senate took a biased, one-sided political stance and ...

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