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Twitter, stop Holocaust denial on your platform!

Twitter, stop Holocaust denial on your platform!

Please sign this letter to the heads of Twitter asking them to confirm that denying or minimizing the atrocities of the Holocaust violates their content policies and will not be tolerated on the Twitter platform. Twitter prohibits various forms of hate speech, and Holocaust denial should be included, but despite our requests for clarification on this issue, Twitter has remained silent. Add your voice and amplify this simple request.

December 22, 2020


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I add my name in support of the letter from StandWithUs below


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Twitter, stop Holocaust denial on your platform!


I add my name in support of the letter from StandWithUs below :

Dear Mr. Dorsey, Ms. Gadde, and Twitter Board of Directors,

We write on behalf of the StandWithUs Center for Combating Antisemitism and the
StandWithUs Saidoff Legal Department, two divisions of StandWithUs, an international nonprofit organization that educates about Israel and combats antisemitism.
The purpose of our letter is to request that Twitter clarify its policies on misinformation, particularly posts that deny,
distort or minimize the Holocaust. Currently, there is tremendous confusion surrounding
Twitter’s definition and application of these policies, calling into question your company’s
stance on its role in promoting public safety—a stated basis for these policies.
On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey provided testimony before the U.S.
Senate Commerce Committee about Twitter’s policies concerning hate speech and
misinformation. When asked by Senator Cory Gardner whether Holocaust denial constitutes
misinformation, Mr. Dorsey responded, “It’s misleading information . . . But we don’t have a
policy against that type of misleading information.” Mr. Dorsey elaborated, explaining that only
three categories of misinformation would violate Twitter’s policies: (1) manipulated media; (2)
public health; and (3) civic integrity, ostensibly meaning election interference and voter
This explanation by Mr. Dorsey appears to be in tension with other official Twitter statements. It
was reported by a Twitter spokesperson on October 14, 2020, that Twitter’s policies against
“hateful conduct” and “glorification of violence” would prohibit posts that deny or attempt to

Israel Emergency Alliance, dba StandWithUs P.O. Box 341069 Los Angeles, CA 90034-1069 e-mail: Telephone: 310.836.6140 Fax: 310.836.6145
diminish the Holocaust. Two weeks later, just after Mr. Dorsey’s appearance before Congress,
another official statement by your company provided, “We also have a robust ‘glorification of
violence’ policy in place and take action against content that glorifies or praises historical acts of
violence and genocide, including the Holocaust.” At a minimum, these statements taken together
create confusion as to whether Twitter indeed prohibits content that denies, distorts and/or
minimizes the Holocaust.
Surely one of the primary purposes of adopting and publicizing content policies is to limit the
volume of such posts and thereby reduce the public harm caused by the widespread
dissemination of misinformation, disinformation and/or hateful rhetoric. For instance, Twitter
recently and permanently suspended the account of Holocaust conspiracy theorist David Icke on
the grounds that he spread misinformation about Coronavirus. We find it ironic that Twitter took
action to protect the public from Icke because of his public health misinformation but ignored his
long record of rabid Holocaust denial. One could infer from this that it is Twitter’s position that
Coronavirus misinformation harms society while overt antisemitism does not. Surely the lessons
of history teach otherwise.
We therefore ask Twitter to clarify the matter by providing definitive responses to the following:
(1) Does Holocaust denial violate any existing Twitter policy and, if so, which
(2) Do attempts to minimize or distort the Holocaust violate any existing policy of
Twitter and, if so, which policy/ies?
(3) What is/are the consequence(s) of posting on Twitter content that denies, distorts or
attempts to diminish the Holocaust?

We trust that you share our concern that this is a critical issue with public safety at stake and
therefore look forward to hearing from you.

**your signature**

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Twitter, stop Holocaust denial on your platform!

Twitter, stop Holocaust denial on your platform!