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YouTube: Take The Antisemitic TruNews Channel Down!

YouTube: Take The Antisemitic TruNews Channel Down!


TruNews is an online media network that has access to White House press briefings and has traveled abroad to cover multiple trips by the President, including one case where they claim to have been invited by the Administration. It has over 250,000 followers between Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Established and run by a far right antisemitic conspiracy theorist named Rick Wiles, TruNews is using YouTube to spread vicious hatred against Jews, Israelis, and their supporters. 

YouTube has already removed many antisemitic TruNews videos, and we need YOUR help to take down the whole channel.

Here’s what you can do:


  • Sign our petition, calling on YouTube to remove this hateful channel from its platform.
  • Report the entire channel here.  Here is how to do it :


Below are examples of the hate spread by TruNews: 

  • In a video that is still up on YouTube, titled “Wag The Dog”,” Rick Wiles and his guests complain about not being able to demonize Jews without having their videos taken down. They also accuse Michael Bloomberg of having dual loyalties – a classic antisemitic slur.
  • A video titled “Jew Coup” where Rick Wiles and his correspondents debated if Jews were plotting to overthrow the American government. 
  • During a discussion on his show, Wiles asked, “If you live in America, who can’t you criticize? Who can’t you criticize in America?” His guest Kerry Kinsey said, “The Jewish lobby,” and Wiles replied, “that tells you who controls the country.”
  • Wiles has said that “the Protocols of Zion… are disputed, but they’re eerily correct.” The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an antisemitic text that the Nazis used to spread racist conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the world, in the years leading up to the Holocaust.
  • In a clip titled Is America in Bondage Under the Rule of the Talmud?, Wiles asked, “When are Christians going to rise up and tell the Jews, ‘we reject your Talmud, we will not live under it’s bondage’? Because we’re in bondage right now in this country.” The Talmud is a Jewish religious text.
  • In a clip titled, Global Zionism Exposed: 4th Beast Rising, Wiles, and his guests claimed that according to the Talmud, gentiles are meant to be slaves to the Jews. Wiles said, “look at the Federal Reserve, look at the money in your wallet… you’re already a slave.” Ed Szall, the TruNews reporter who covers the White House, agreed with this and insinuated that Jews control the media as well. 
December 9, 2019


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YouTube: Take The Antisemitic TruNews Channel Down!


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