Barry Kaplan
Westchester County, NY, US
Youtube must not provide a platform for viscious hate.
Judith Hartstone
This is a destructive message, and it must be sent back under the slimy rocks from which it came.
Anti-semitic content!
Debbie forman
Please take this down! Antisemitism at its truest form.
Samson Rootveld
Nordhorn, NDS, DE
I find this channel very antisemitic!
dave sosa
Miami-Dade County, FL, US
It's racist
Neil Bowman
No place for antisemitism in this world
Bergen County, NJ, US
No place for antisemitism in this world
Michael Galitsky
Cook County, IL, US
This channel spreading hate, violence and racism!
Los Angeles County, CA, US
I am Jewish and support Israel and detest any bigotry against us. I strongly disapprove of people using the Internet to spread false information and hate.
Flora Bursztyn
New York, NY, US
This is going to far
Rennie Grant
Baltimore, MD, US
This is going to far